Company Background Introduction

Nutribella Sdn Bhd is a nutritional brand engaged in the research, development, production, sales and service of health products. A combination of the English word “Nutrition” for nutrition and the name “Bella” for beauty, Nutribella is committed to developing products to fulfil the market demand for more affordable and high-quality products for mass consumers.

Our founders, Raymond and Jenny, started their career commuting from Johor to Singapore every day. By chance, they began collaborating with friends distributing multigrains products. In just 2 years, the product went from obscurity to being well-recognised in the Singaporean and Malaysian markets, with the products being sold in all major Chinese herbal shops and pharmacy stores as well as organic and grocery stores.

In 2017, responding to steady year-on-year growth in sales, we established JR Supply, a dedicated distribution company to support our operations. The multigrains product we distribute achieves a yearly turnover of more than RM1 million, and we have 1,000 cooperative sales stores in Malaysia and Singapore.

Though the founders achieved outstanding success in the past 6 years, they faced many challenges in the business due to the flaws in the distributor program they worked with. This prompted the two to establish their own brand, Nutribella in 2021.